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COVID, Climate and Quakes

Our annual Business and Environment speaker series tackles the intersections of futurism, technology, environment and social equity


OEC’s 2020 Business & Environment Forum brought together a diverse panel of active partners focused on transportation transformation. Innovators from government, business and community sectors joined together to explore emerging transportation technologies, opportunities to reduce emissions from company fleets, and regional efforts to relieve traffic jams by expanding light rail, speeding up bus travel, and implementing new parking and road congestion pricing policies.  It was a great opportunity to collaborate, learn and share a diverse vision for the future of transportation. We had a full room of engaged participants and the questi...

What is the biggest challenge we face on water in 2016 and beyond?

In preparation for our May 4th Business Forum on Water, OEC Water Program Director Samantha Murray got a chance to sit down and talk to national expert Robert Glennon about our evolving relationship with water in a changing climate.   SM: How do you think our relationship with water will change in the coming decades? RG: We will have to confront scarcity. At the moment, we Americans are spoiled. When we turn on the taps, out comes a plentiful supply of water for less than we pay for cable television or cell phone service. SM: What is the biggest challenge we face on water in 2016 and beyond? RG: We have a proud and virtually ...