Our Work

Clean water supports people and play, fish and wildlife, farmers and businesses across Oregon. Oregon Environmental Council works to protect safe sources of drinking water, healthy rivers, lakes and streams, and plentiful water resources for both wildlife and people.

Through public policy advocacy, education, and collaborative projects, we work to reduce urban and agricultural runoff, use water efficiently, and prevent pollution.

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Share Your Story

Stories Build Movements

Everyday, people across Oregon take actions to improve the health of our rivers, to reduce their impact on clean water, to ready our agricultural economy for climate change, and to raise the next generation of business innovators and water protectors. At Oregon Environmental Council, we celebrate these actions and the good work of all Oregonians to build a shared vision for our water future.

Your stories about clean water help to highlight what Oregonians’ care about most and to keep the pressure on policymakers to protect this precious resource. Help us build a chorus of public support to ensure the state is investing in the health of our children and future generations.

Love Your River
father and son kayaking

Living Green at Home

While much of Oregon Environmental Council’s work focuses on systemic change at the policy level, there are many actions that you can take at home to improve and protect our water resources. Remember, every Oregonian lives in a watershed, and we all live downstream from somewhere. Learn how you can make choices at home to protect our climate, clean air and healthy watersheds with Living Green!