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Now is the time to stand strong for Oregon’s environment as we address critical issues like toxic air pollution, water scarcity, and the impacts of climate change. Be a part of a legacy, sparked 50 years ago by Oregonians dedicated to working together on behalf of Oregon’s unique quality of life. By becoming a supporter of Oregon Environmental Council, you are helping protect what you love about Oregon: healthy air, clean and plentiful water, and a toxic-free environment.
Bonus! When you contribute to our Membership Challenge with a gift of $35 or more, we’d love to say thank you with a lovely limited-edition, pocket notebook, produced right here in Oregon using 100% recycled paper and vegetable-based ink. Get yours today!


Why I Give To OEC
  • "When you look at OEC's track record and the role it has played in successes like the Beach Bill, the Bottle Bill, coal-free energy for Oregon, and so many more over the last 50 years--I know that my gift will make a difference for years beyond my lifetime" 
    Rick Gustafson, Oregon Environmental Council Member
  • "For clean energy, clean water, and generations of a beautiful livable PNW to come!" 
    Brendan P., Oregon Environmental Council Member
  • "I want to keep Oregon in the forefront of environmental innovation as we head into our future." 
    Oregon Environmental Council Member
  • "What's more important than clean air and clean water?" 
    Kristin Luck, Oregon Environmental Council Member
  • "I believe OEC is unmatched in Oregon for public advocacy that is strategic, connected, and passionate."
    Joel Dippold, Oregon Environmental Council Member