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Now is the time to stand strong for Oregon’s environment as we address critical issues like toxic air pollution, water scarcity, and the impacts of climate change. Be a part of a legacy, sparked 50 years ago by Oregonians dedicated to working together on behalf of Oregon’s unique quality of life. By becoming a supporter of Oregon Environmental Council, you are helping protect what you love about Oregon: healthy air, clean and plentiful water, and a toxic-free environment.
Bonus! When you contribute to our Membership Challenge with a gift of $35 or more, we’d love to say thank you with a lovely limited-edition, pocket notebook, produced right here in Oregon using 100% recycled paper and vegetable-based ink. Get yours today!


50th Anniversary Celebration
Friday, October 5
Hilton Hotel Atrium & Ballroom
921 SW 6th Avenue, Portland, Oregon
On October 5, come together to celebrate 50 years of Oregon Environmental Council. Our 50th celebration at the Hilton in downtown Portland will feature teen climate advocates, members of our Emerging Leaders Board and activists who started it all.This special event will showcase the shaping of a movement that has defined the Oregon we all share and love. Through storytelling, art and video, we’ll energize supporters toward a shared and more inclusive vision of Oregon’s future.We invite you to join us. Because Oregon’s future depends on you.
Why I Give To OEC
  • "When you look at OEC's track record and the role it has played in successes like the Beach Bill, the Bottle Bill, coal-free energy for Oregon, and so many more over the last 50 years--I know that my gift will make a difference for years beyond my lifetime" 
    Rick Gustafson, Oregon Environmental Council Member
  • "For clean energy, clean water, and generations of a beautiful livable PNW to come!" 
    Brendan P., Oregon Environmental Council Member
  • "I want to keep Oregon in the forefront of environmental innovation as we head into our future." 
    Oregon Environmental Council Member
  • "What's more important than clean air and clean water?" 
    Kristin Luck, Oregon Environmental Council Member
  • "I believe OEC is unmatched in Oregon for public advocacy that is strategic, connected, and passionate."
    Joel Dippold, Oregon Environmental Council Member