We bring Oregonians together to protect our water, air and land with healthy solutions that work for today and for future generations. Founded in 1968 by concerned Oregonians across the state, we are a membership-based, nonpartisan nonprofit. OEC is a fiscally sound, highly-regarded organization that is committed to transparency.
Our values

Our results
Our work ensures Oregonians live healthier lives because our air, water and land are cleaner; our food is more sustainably produced; and the products, energy and transportation we rely on are safer for our environment.Back in 1968, a group of Oregonians came together to form Oregon Environmental Council. These were PTA and garden club members, outdoor enthusiasts, conservationists and others who believed they could get more done by working together. See our results.
Our legacy
Oregon Environmental Council is the first multi-issue, statewide environmental group in Oregon. Look at any “green” idea that put Oregon on the map over the last 50 years—the Bottle Bill, our landmark land-use planning laws, curbside recycling—and you’ll find that we were integrally involved, if not the driving force, behind these critical protections. View our legacy timeline.
Celebrate 50th years of #LovingOregon.
A vision for justice
Oregon Environmental Council envisions a future in which every Oregonian has access to the healthy air, water, climate and community we need to thrive. To achieve this vision, we strive for equitable environmental policies and practices that give every Oregonian a fair shot at acting on their environmental values, being a part of decisions that affect them, and living in healthy environments. More about our work on diversity, equity and inclusion.
  • "Oregon Environmental Council is doing extraordinarily important work to help advocate for a cleaner, healthier, more environmentally friendly future in the Pacific Northwest."
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  • "Simply put, Oregon would not be the great place to live in that it is without Oregon Environmental Council."
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  • "I have tracked their success' over the years and I've noticed that their particular skill is bringing people together to make things happen. The everchanging environmental agenda, along with a fluid political scene requires skill, tact, commitment and long hours of work all of which they seem to do gladly and efficiently. Oregon is well rewarded by their record of success"
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  • "One of OEC's most admirable qualities is the skill with which the organization builds statewide and regional coalitions—bringing together stakeholders from diverse backgrounds and with often diverging interests—to successfully address pressing environmental challenges."
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  • "I have worked with the Oregon Environmental Council for more than 30 years as a volunteer. I also served on the board for 6+ years. This is a great organization with dedicated and talented staff, strong leadership and innovative approaches to difficult environmental issues."
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