Something big on climate will happen in 2020

Voter receiving ballot through mail

Oregon Environmental Council, through a coalition of organizations, has filed ballot proposals for the 2020 general election that will place our state on a path toward a 100% Clean Economy and 100% Clean Electricity for everyone.

Tomorrow, we formally launch our campaign. Be the first to follow 100% Ready for Clean Air:

Oregon is ready to transition off fossil fuels and build a 100% clean economy.

Oregon must do our part as a leader to protect the natural heritage of clean air and clean water we’re so proud of. Seven of 10 Oregonians continue supporting a cap-and-trade policy, yet we can’t guarantee the state Legislature will enact it. We will be ready with two bold pieces of climate action for voters to approve in November 2020 in the event that polluters and opponents again jeopardize our state’s democracy.

Oregonians have spoken. More than a dozen climate strikes in recent weeks throughout that state only continue to show that our many communities and thousands of our youth demand climate action now. Something big will happen on climate action in 2020!

Oregon Environmental Council remains fully committed to legislative action to accomplish necessary greenhouse gas emissions reduction and prepare our most vulnerable communities for the worst impacts.

Dozens of experts spoke to lawmakers during Legislative Days last month about the negative impacts of climate change. Others talked about innovative projects to lessen the blow of drought and prepare our counties for extreme climate disruptions, the need to hire more people to prepare our forests for wildfire, if only the state had the necessary funding.

These ballot measures will help. They place a hard cap on pollution and require complete electrification of all our homes, business and public infrastructure.

We’ll need your support throughout the year and be on the lookout for more information later this week about social media support, website information and much more on why our proposals matter to all of our communities. Sign up to our action alert list to receive next steps on how you can help.

Ballot Measure: 100% Clean Economy

Oregon already has targets for reducing climate pollution, but we’re not meeting them. This measure will update and enforce Oregon’s targets to align with what scientists tell us we have to achieve.

With reliable, clean technology like wind and solar power, we can cut Oregon’s pollution in half by 2035, and be a 100% clean economy by 2050. Other states including Colorado, New Mexico, Hawaii, New York and California all have similar targets in place or soon to be in place.

Additionally, this proposal will dramatically reduce the carbon, sulfur, and arsenic pollution from burning coal and oil by encouraging clean energy and clean cars. Doctors say it would reduce asthma, heart disease, lung disease, and even cancer – especially for children and seniors.

Ballot Measure: 100% Clean Electricity

More than 48% of Oregon’s electricity comes from burning coal and other fossil fuels, which pollute the air, harm our health, and contribute to global warming. This measure commits Oregon’s electricity to come from 100% clean, affordable and reliable sources by 2045.

The cost of wind and solar energy sources are already competitive with fossil fuels, and it’s getting cheaper every day. We already have the technology to make the transition to reliable, affordable, clean energy.

Rural Oregon has massive potential for wind and solar energy. This measure will bring more investment to Oregon, create good paying jobs that can’t be outsourced, and higher incomes in Oregon’s rural economies.

Seven states already have commitments to 100% clean electricity including our West Coast neighbors. Oregon can’t afford to fall behind. More than one in four Americans lives in a state or community committed to 100% clean electricity.

Are you 100% Ready for Clean Air? Be first to join the new campaign!

Thank you for your continued engagement and commitment to this work – we truly need everyone’s voice to make this policy a reality.

We must act now to avoid the catastrophic effects of the climate crisis — more intense wildfires, a threatened water supply, and damage to our farms and fisheries. Lawmakers know and have heard the our families, farmers, fishers and firefighters are in climate danger.

If you’d like to stay up to date with more information about how to act and help our climate advocacy, sign up for GAIN, our action alert email list.

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