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This Earth Day, Pledge to Stop Burning Wood for Public Health

What do Earth Day, wood smoke and COVID-19 all have in common? The answer lies in air quality. With most of our nation’s in-person Earth Day festivities cancelled or moved to a digital format, and the state’s at-large shelter-in-place policy, many people may not be thinking that much more needs to be done to protect Oregon’s air quality. After all, our world’s air has become significantly cleaner, due to a slowdown in economic activity, right? While this may be currently true, the necessity of improving our air quality in the long-term cannot be under-estimated. It is no secret that decreased air quality and pollution is linked to a ...

Transportation Pricing for Equitable Mobility

The roads belong to the public. We own the right-of-way, the sidewalks and curbs and the street.

More than a decade of work will not be silenced.

2019 has been a tumultuous year for Oregonians and our environment. As we look to the future, we remain more committed than ever to the idea that people coming together with passion and perseverance can positively alter the course of the future. There is much work yet to do: In the last legislative session, the Oregon legislature failed to vote on the Clean Energy Jobs bill. It was a disappointing outcome after an inspiring show of support for the bill over many years. More than a decade of work will not be silenced. The crucial work of Oregon Environmental Council has always been—and will always be—fueled by the broad support of our members ...

Something big on climate will happen in 2020

Oregon Environmental Council, through a coalition of organizations, has filed ballot proposals for the 2020 general election that will place our state on a path toward a 100% Clean Economy and 100% Clean Electricity for everyone. Tomorrow, we formally launch our campaign. Be the first to follow 100% Ready for Clean Air: FACEBOOK | TWITTER Oregon is ready to transition off fossil fuels and build a 100% clean economy. Oregon must do our part as a leader to protect the natural heritage of clean air and clean water we’re so proud of. Seven of 10 Oregonians continue supporting a cap-and-trade policy, yet we can’t guarantee the state Legisla...

Youth activism continues to inspire, push for bold climate action

Youth from around the globe came together for an intense week of climate action this September. They organized gatherings, rallies, marches, speeches, direct actions, and events to bring awareness to the current climate crisis and push decision-makers to take meaningful action on climate.

Trump didn’t just attack California’s air quality

President Donald Trump and the Environmental Protection Agency are attempting to undo the work of thousands of Oregonians and dozens of organizations that successfully demanded Clean Car Standards in Oregon in 2006.

Join us for a Statewide Day of Action

In the unprecedented world facing us, what’s the most powerful statement you can make? It’s showing up to say I care about protecting people, defending clean air and water, and giving our kids a better life. On Saturday, Nov. 4th, we all need to show up. Check it out. Oregonians have been organizing for years. On November 4th, people across the state gather to show our legislators we can't wait any longer for a strong, equitable climate policy in Oregon. If you’ve been looking for an excuse to get together with friends, enjoy a beverage and talk about shared values, then look no farther. Join Oregon Environmental Council, founding ...

How’s your Walktober?

Let’s face it: adopting new healthy habits can be challenging. Sometimes it takes a little nudge to turn good intentions into action. If you've been meaning to try walking to school, work or other activities, "Walktober" is a great time to start! Hundreds of schools across Oregon have walk-to-school community programs offering support, supervision, and maps for safe and reliable routes. See who's walking. For adults, check out the links to special walking events this month, as well as walking groups, assembled by Oregon Walks. If you need more incentive, check out these step-tracking apps that help you earn donations for your miles. ...

It’s not too late for clean air

Let’s be frank. When it comes to cleaning up Oregon’s air, we know the bill for Clean Engines, Clean Air could be stronger in curbing dirty diesel. But we can still cut back the toxic air pollution our kids are breathing with what's left in these final days of session.

Celebrating Oregon Scientists

In anticipation of this week's March for Science - we wanted to share with you a few scientists who we think are doing great things right here in Oregon.