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  • Who we are...

    We bring Oregonians together to protect our water, air and land with healthy solutions that work for today and for future generations. Founded in 1968 by concerned Oregonians from across the state, we are a membership-based, nonpartisan nonprofit. (more)

  • What we do...

    We work to create innovative change on three levels: we help individuals live green; we help businesses, farmers and health providers thrive with sustainable practices; and we help elected officials create practical policy. (more)

  • Our extraordinary team...

    From the inception of the modern environmental movement, our staff, board and volunteers have worked across the state to advocate on behalf of all Oregonians. (more)

  • 50 years of loving Oregon...

    As the first statewide environmental group in Oregon, we are known for groundbreaking and historic legislation that has shaped the Oregon environmental ethic. (more)

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From the Bottle Bill to the Toxic Free Kids Act, we’ve made substantial strides in protecting Oregon’s air, water and climate, and we’re keeping Oregon a healthy place for kids to grow up. This has all been possible because of the support of Oregonians like you. Join today and become a member of Oregon Environmental Council. Because Oregon’s future depends on you!

When you stand with Oregon Environmental Council, you stand with thousands of others who want a brighter future for Oregon's water, air and land.