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  • October 17, 2019

    More than a decade of work will not be silenced.

    2019 has been a tumultuous year for Oregonians and our environment. As we look to the future, we remain more committed than ever to the idea that people coming together with passion and perseverance can positively alter the course of the ...more
  • October 15, 2019

    Dying Green: Have You Considered A Natural Burial?

    Planning ahead for your own funeral can be daunting. It is not exactly a subject many people want to talk about.A traditional American funeral consists of an embalming process, a coffin, flowers, etc. Even more resources go into the ...more
  • October 14, 2019

    A Modern Take on Trick or Treating

    Halloween has come again, bringing with it ghosts, goblins, superheroes, and of course, candy! Unfortunately, that also means buckets and pillowcases full of plastic. There’s nothing sweeter than grabbing a handful of Snickers, Reeses ...more
  • October 10, 2019

    Oregon Health Authority Wrestles With Commitment to Transparency

    At the most recent meeting of the Toxic Free Kids Act Rules Advisory Committee the chemical industry publicly admitted that many chemicals in kids’ products may lack key data on their safety. This sort of disregard for product safety and ...more
  • October 5, 2019

    Something big on climate will happen in 2020

    Oregon Environmental Council, through a coalition of organizations, has filed ballot proposals for the 2020 general election that will place our state on a path toward a 100% Clean Economy and 100% Clean Electricity for everyone. To...more
  • October 3, 2019

    Transportation Transformation: The Writing Is On The Wall

    Greenhouse gas emissions aren’t something you can easily feel or smell or see in your daily life. It’s hard for us to get a sense of what the volume is, and whether it’s going up or down. That’s why it’s so important to track the ...more
  • October 2, 2019

    Youth activism continues to inspire, push for bold climate action

    Youth from around the globe came together for an intense week of climate action this September. They organized gatherings, rallies, marches, speeches, direct actions, and events to bring awareness to the current climate crisis and push decision-makers to take meaningful action on climate.more
  • September 30, 2019

    OEC Supports Nature For All

    Oregon Environmental Council is proud to endorse the Nature For All ballot measure, put forward by Oregon Metro. OEC strongly supports maintaining this bond funding to support the critical local investments in our clean water, ...more
  • September 19, 2019

    Trump didn’t just attack California’s air quality

    President Donald Trump and the Environmental Protection Agency are attempting to undo the work of thousands of Oregonians and dozens of organizations that successfully demanded Clean Car Standards in Oregon in 2006.more
  • September 18, 2019

    Oregonians feel climate disruption, unfinished business

    Climate disruption, along with unchecked air and water pollution from dirty energy sources, is harming Oregonians, and for too long, our leaders have put off addressing climate change in a comprehensive way. more


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