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  • February 20, 2019

    Top tips to green your wardrobe

    Do you own about 70 garments? Do most of them last you less than a year? If so, you are about average for an American today. If you own half that number of garments and keep them for 3-5 years, you’re closer to the American average ...more
  • February 19, 2019

    Stepping Up Efforts to Reduce Plastic Pollution in Oregon

    By Belinda McFadgen, OEC Volunteer.“Nothing we use for a few minutes should be allowed to pollute our oceans and rivers and threaten wildlife for centuries.” That’s how our friends at Environment Oregon describe the problem of ...more
  • February 19, 2019

    5 things to know about Clean Energy Jobs in 2019 (Updated)

    As Oregonians get energized for clean energy legislation, we’re asking you to contact your legislators (more info below) to urge support for passing the Clean Energy Jobs.more
  • February 14, 2019

    Another massive, energetic turnout for Clean Energy Jobs

    More than 600 Oregonians, from all 30 Senate districts, gathered on Feb. 6, 2019 at the Oregon State Capitol in Salem in support of the Clean Energy Jobs bill (HB 2020).more
  • February 7, 2019

    Diesel pollution and health

    Diesel exhaust is costing Oregon billions of dollars each year in health care costs, lost lives and missed work and school. “In pediatrics, we want to prevent kids from getting sick. We are asking parents to take individual action. But ...more
  • February 7, 2019

    Diesel and air quality

    Why do we need to act now to reduce diesel pollution from heavy-duty engines? Because it's not only one of Oregon's biggest air quality problems—it contributes to all of them.  According to the Oregon Department of Environmental ...more
  • February 7, 2019

    It’s time to pass this good idea: household hazardous waste stewardship

    In 2017, the Oregon Poison Center received 3,478 phone calls from people accidentally exposed to spills, leaks, or other accidental exposure to household products.¹ Today, we have the opportunity to advocate for a bill that would protect ...more
  • February 1, 2019


    Oregon Environmental Council applauds the Clean Energy Jobs bill released by the Gov. Kate Brown and legislative leaders this week."We deeply appreciate the hard work that has gone into the Clean Energy Jobs bill and look forward to ...more
  • January 30, 2019

    New report: Oregon fails on diesel

    This month, Oregon’s cross-agency team of experts made it very clear: None of our current efforts to reduce diesel pollution have worked, or will work, to meet our state’s goals for protecting human and environmental health. "Diesel ...more
  • January 28, 2019

    Oregon's Future Depends on You!

    Did you know that Oregon Environmental Council launched its biggest and boldest fundraising campaign in 2017 to accelerate our progress to protect clean air, clean water and act on climate change? Our goal is to raise $15 million over ...more


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