Climate action: We need your voice on the record!

Oregon lawmakers returned to Salem this week for a preview of the upcoming legislative session. One of the first orders of business, was a three-hour hearing on the Clean Energy Jobs bill. Supporters and detractors alike turned out. Now we need your help showing more people support strong climate action.

Oregon Environmental Council is there every day the legislature meets to ensure there is a voice for the environment and vulnerable communities. I met with legislators and we submitted testimony saying, “We can’t afford business as usual – just ask our ski resorts, our shellfish growers and our friends in Southern Oregon coping with months of wildfire smoke.”

Our partner, Martha Sonato, (Legislative Director with PCUN, Oregon’s farmworker union) testified that climate pollution is making us sick. Low-income and people of color are more likely to suffer the health effects of climate change. Farmworkers, and their children, live in rural Oregon and feel the impacts of climate change first hand.

“Imagine working, covered head to toe to reduce exposure to pesticides, while temperatures grow hotter each year,” she said. “Our communities feel the direct impact of climate change,  and they are also exposed to other chemical toxins, that are aggravated by extreme heat.”

As we head into the 2020 Legislative Session beginning Feb. 3, we face continued opposition from fossil fuel and industry interests that want to water down the bill. Take action today to stand up for a healthy future.

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