Videos: Why Oregon should ditch dirty diesel


At a hearing before the Oregon state Senate Environment and Natural Resources committee in 2017, Dr. Perry Hystad, Epidemiologist, OSU, describes the emerging science that suggests a link between dementia and people who live near major sources of diesel pollution. Watch the video to hear more.

Why is diesel exhaust so toxic?

Dr. William Lambert, Epidemiologist, OHSU, testifies before the Oregon state senate’s committee on Environment and Natural Resources about the unique toxicity of diesel exhaust, and why it warrants controls above and beyond other pollution standards.

Diesel exhaust and lung cancer

Dr. Perry Hystad, Epidemiologist, OSU describes the science behind the professional conclusion that diesel exhaust is a human carcinogen.

Diesel exhaust and lung health

Dr. Perry Hystad, Epidemiologist, OSU, explains the toxicity of diesel exhaust and its link to asthma, bronchitis, infection, and other harm to the lungs.

These facts were shared at a hearing on Senate Bill 1008 – Clean Engines, Clean Air in the Oregon State Legislature, Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources in 2017.

Find out more on why Oregon should ditch dirty diesel. Read our report, facts & figures:




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