Transportation takes center lane at OEC’s 2020 business forum



Oregon Environmental Council has always believed that the business sector plays an important role in building a healthier and more sustainable transportation system. This connection will be highlighted this month during OEC’s our Forum for Business and the Environment speaker series.

For 24 years, our forum events have focused on cutting edge issues and opportunities important to business, environmental and government leaders. OEC is proud to provide this opportunity for all of us to learn together, share different perspectives, and build important relationships that can lead to new areas of common ground.

The first event of this year’s series is “Cleaner Air, a Healthier Climate and Less Traffic – ‘Win-Win’ Strategies.” It will take place on January 28 at the Altabira City Tavern.

At our first  event, we’ll hear from our roster of Oregon-based business and agency speakers about how business can be part of reimagining a transportation system that moves people and goods while improving equity, health, climate and efficiency.

Speakers include Juan Carlos González (Metro Council), Becky Steckler (Urbanism Next at University of Oregon), Jeff Allen (Forth) and Keith Wilson (Titan Trucking).

The movement of people and goods is essential to every business. Our economy depends on efficient and predictable  transportation, while at the same time, business owners want equitable and sustainable transportation systems to be healthy and fair for their employees, customers and neighbors in all the communities in which we live.

Traffic congestion in urban areas makes transportation less predictable and less efficient across the state, and so business leaders have a strong interest in addressing that problem. Addressing that problem also creates an opportunity for us all to reimagine transportation in a way that works better for everybody.

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