Transportation Options Abound During National Bike Month!

May is here and warmer weather is on the way. Spring is calling us to get out and enjoy all the beauty Oregon has to offer.

May is also National Bike Month and that means many of us have an extra impetus to commute to work via bike and log more miles on our city streets over the weekend. It is no secret that the Portland metro region has one of the highest rate of commuters biking to work in the nation, and National Bike Month is a great reason to join the the ranks.

All these bikes on the road have a positive impact on the environment and the individual. Commuting to work and running errands via bike is cost effective, reduces your carbon footprint, and helps to keep you fit.

If you are thinking about commuting with kids, there are a ton of ways that you can carry kids by bike. There are also amazing bike shops across Oregon that can help you get started and learn the rules of the road.

The recent approval of the Bike Lane Bill (HB 2682), forwarded by our friends at The Street Trust, is making roads safer for cyclists. HB 2682 clarifies that bike lanes continue through intersections and adds to the protection of cyclist’s right to the road. And our team here at OEC continues to advance cleaner, healthier transportation options for all Oregonians.

Now, if you are looking for a little more speed than your legs can produce, an e-bike might be worth a look. E-bikes are the fastest growing segment of the cycling industry. The carbon footprint of an e-bike in Oregon, compared to a single occupancy gas car is about 1.5%, or 66 ebikes to one car.

No matter how you choose to get around in the great outdoors this season, know that your choices matter.

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May is Bike Month!

After seemingly endless months of rain, Spring is here! Which means many of Oregon’s streets are now filled with even more bicyclists! Oregon’s most populated area, the Portland metro region, has the highest rate of commuters biking to work in the nation, which means we are collectively spending less money on transportation, driving fewer miles, and emitting less carbon dioxide into our atmosphere.
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bike bill

Bike Bill

Portland State University professor Sam Oakland was frustrated that in a car-centric world, it was nearly impossible to safely use cleaner transportation options like bicycles. In 1971, he organized a massive bike ride from Portland to Salem to convince lawmakers to adopt the Bike Bill, legislation proposed by a Republican representative from Jacksonville.
March 26, 2018, 10:28 pm


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