The Force Awakens at OEC

Today, the 7th installment of the iconic space opera, Star Wars, is being released in theaters worldwide. 

The saga continues as a rebel force driven in pursuit of justice takes on a well-resourced and powerful Galactic Empire. The rebels may have won an epic victory against the archaic ruling system, but the struggle continues. 

It was a long time ago in a galaxy far far away…

But wait—is there a disturbance in the force right here in Oregon? Could the Empire of the oil industry face a real challenge from the noble Jedi Council—er, Oregon Environmental Council? 

In 2015, The Council helped ensure that Oregon’s clean fuels standard will begin delivering cleaner fuel options, jobs, and economic investments in  January 2016.

But oil companies won’t lay down the lightsabers and begin peacefully reducing climate pollution; they’ll fight like the dark Galactic Empire to keep Oregon dependent on out-of-state oil. Unless we insist on change, they’ll keep rolling the armada of star destroyers and TIE fighters—or tankers and rail cars—through our neighborhoods.

We wouldn’t go so far as to say that oil lobbyists are like stormtroopers. But consider this:

We are the Resistance.

We are the peaceful version of a Rebel Alliance, a coalition dedicated to protecting the underrepresented communities who disproportionately experience the effects of a dominating industry who pursues profit with little regard for environmental effects.  

The swamp-like Dagobah system, the high deserts of Jakku and Takodana’s expansive forests have nothing over Oregon. And like Alderaan in A New Hope, our home is being threatened by a power-hungry Empire. 

We use powerpoint projectors far more efficiently than lightsabers, and we (thankfully) don’t have Jar Jar Binks. But we have you.

We can overcome any Empire that threatens us, if we can connect all the Oregonians who are willing to take action. Click here to become a member today – and may the force be with you.

View the OEC Jedi staff slideshow here:

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KGW Good Energy Team

OEC featured in KGW’s Good Energy!

OEC is thrilled to be featured in KGW’s Good Energy, a partnership with OnPoint that’s all about the benefits of clean transportation, converting to clean renewable energy, and supporting organizations that are committed to protecting Oregon’s environment. The OEC Team had a blast riding e-bikes, sharing our work on EVs, and leading a green cleaning workshop with the OnPoint Team!
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Maria Castañeda-Cervantes

Welcome Maria Castañeda-Cervantes, OEC’s newest summer intern!

Maria is OEC’s 2022 summer Marketing and Membership Development Intern through The Contingent’s Emerging Leaders Internship (ELI) program. ELI removes barriers to access by connecting talented students of color with leadership-track, paid internships at top companies throughout the Greater Por
July 14, 2022, 8:13 pm


OEC’s Youngest Member – Welcome!

One of OEC’s newest members, Greyson, will be 30 in 2040, when Oregon transitions to 100% renewable electricity, fuels produced in-state will be more eco-friendly than ever, and climate pollution from oil and fossil-fuel gas utilities will be cut almost 90%!
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E-Bike Events this Fall with OEC

At OEC, we believe that a high-quality transportation system is one that offers people healthy and safe choices to meet their transportation needs. Electric bicycles and other kinds of small electric mobility devices, like scooters and skateboards, are potentially transformative because they can meet many of the same needs as a car, but with fewer costs, and a lot less
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OEC & Partners Advocate to Strengthen the Climate Protection Program

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Say no to fast fashion, say yes to sustainable shopping

Sustainable Fashion and OEC’s Newest Impact Partner

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Board Member Profile: OEC Board Chair Phil Wu

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Oregon Environmental Council started our intentional diversity, equity, and inclusion work in 2012. We started this journey by listening and acknowledging that the environmental movement has caused harm and not been as inclusive as it needs to be. In saying this, we want to acknowledge the diverse voices in the movement and not erase their accomplishments. There have always been incredible BIPOC leaders doing environmental and environmental justice work, and we are grateful for
December 28, 2020, 9:05 am


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