Thanks, Mary. We love the art! 

Southern Oregon resident and artist Mary Driver recently cycled off from our board of directors at Oregon Environmental Council, but we’ll always think of her as we walk past the main entrance at our offices because of the beautiful art-glass mosaic of bikes she created and gave to OEC.

Driver, lives in the Applegate Valley and served on OEC’s board for the last five years.

We recently caught up with her to ask what she thinks is the most important environmental concern facing Oregon. Her answer: climate change.

“In Southwest Oregon we’ve been very affected by drought for the past five years,” said Driver “Thankfully we had a wet winter, but many of us are not convinced that the drought is over.”

Driver joined our board to be an ambassador for the work we do.

With new leadership in Washington, D.C., Driver hopes Oregon stays committed to preserving the progress we’ve made to protect our air, water and land from pollution.

“The potential for the rollback of environmental laws and protections should bring chills to all Oregonians,” said Driver. “Oregonians want clean air. They want our waterways to be protected from problematic chemicals and pesticides. They want healthy forests and farms. They want vibrant industries and businesses that are friendly to the environment.  We have so many wonderful resources here in the state that are worth protecting. Turn back the clock on these protections? Never.”

Thank you, Mary for your service to Oregon Environmental Council.

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  • John Sweeney
    April 18, 2017 (9:15 pm)

    Bikes are the “Most Effective Forms of Transportation” that there are.
    And, should be used where it is possible to do so.