Put Public Health In Front of Industry Profits

Behind closed doors in Congress, a small group of legislators is about overhaul the way we control toxic chemicals in the United States.

We need you to speak up now to ensure that they get it right.


For the first time since it passed in 1976, both the Senate and House have voted to reform the flawed and outdated Toxic Substances Control Act. As a small group negotiates between the House and Senate bills, there are three ways this could go:

  • They could agree on a way to truly protect people from cancer-causing, brain-damaging, hormone-interfering chemicals.
  • They could buckle under industry pressure, and put industry profits in front of public health.
  • Or the agreement could fade quietly away, ignoring the screaming red flags raised by four decades of science linking chemical exposures to chronic disease.

If you believe it’s a problem that babies are born with toxics already in their bodies: It’s time to tell Congress.

If you believe that the law should not allow thousands of chemicals to enter the market without health and safety testing: It’s time to tell Congress.

If you believe that federal law should work together with Oregon’s own toxics regulations to protect the public from toxic chemicals: It’s time to tell Congress today.

Join thousands of doctors, scientists, environmental professionals, parents and people in calling for real reform of the Toxic Substances Control Act.


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