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Concerned about wood smoke? Attend a meeting.

This past summer, residents of Multnomah County (and other parts of the state) breathed air heavily polluted by nearby forest fires. Many individuals had problems breathing and burning eyes and runny noses. The smoke-filled air was especially harmful to those with existing heart and lung diseases.Many people don't realize that burning wood in a fireplace or wood stove produces the same type of pollution as a forest fire, including tiny particles and gases that harm our health in many ways.* Along with diesel exhaust and industrial pollution, wood smoke is a major air quality concern in Oregon. Burning wood pollutes the air inside ...

Health First for Air Quality

If we want to breathe healthy air, Oregon must deal with serious toxic air pollution from a number of sources.

Wildfire smoke and my fireplace.

What does it feel like to be vulnerable to air pollution? Let me tell you my story...One Friday a while back, I couldn't seem to get a deep breath. I thought it was due to over-exerting myself (I'm six months pregnant so I get tired pretty easily). I didn't realize that a steady stream of smoke from wildfires across the Pacific Northwest was slowly rolling into the Portland metro area, impacting the air quality all around me. It was a warm summer night, and I'm a typical Oregonian without air conditioning, so my husband and I slept with the screen door to our bedroom open that night, breathing the outside air as it got worse and worse. I slept ...