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Oregon’s transportation plan supports a healthier state

Oregon Environmental Council commends Oregon leadership for moving forward on a transportation package focused on common ground.

Is out-of-state oil trying to rewrite our laws in Oregon?

What's going on? The oil industry has filed proposed ballot initiatives to undo Oregon's clean air laws. Some of the same exact ballot language appeared in the recent transportation bill. Look at our side by side comparison below or in this PDF: SideBySide. Is out-of-state oil trying to rewrite our laws in Oregon? "We were asked to provide an outline for a program... and we did, " Tupper Hull, vice president of strategic communications for Western States Petroleum Association said. "And that's now being considered." -Salem Statesman Journal, June 23, 2015      

Talking Oregon Transportation Funding on Think Out Loud

On Monday, May 18th, OPB's Think Out Loud hosted a conversation about a comprehensive transportation package to increase funding for roads and bridges. Though this has received bipartisan support for quite some time, things came to a halt when some lawmakers started using the recently passed Clean Fuels bill as a bargaining chip for the package. OEC's Program Director of Climate, Jana Gastellum, joins Ryan Deckert, president and CEO of the Oregon Business Association, to talk about the transportation package and what it means for our state. Listen below: