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Three science mistakes that non-scientists make

I’m a sucker for science. I am inclined to believe it. So when politics and science get whipped into a froth and poured over a debate about protecting health and the environment, I need a refresher on what science can and cannot do.

Groundbreaking Bracelet Tests Toxics in Our Daily Life

"Do you know what chemicals you're exposed to on a daily basis? Pollutants we encounter every day come from any number of sources – cars, factories, shampoos, lotions, carpets and more. Some chemicals are benign but others could be hazardous to your health..." So begins an article about the toxics around us. This week, KGW Investigates examines a new bracelet that can measure the toxics that we're exposed to in our daily life. Reporter Keely Chalmers and OEC Emerging Leaders Board Member Bethany Thomas are wearing these revolutionary bracelets developed by OSU to examine what chemicals they are exposed to in their everyday life. "The ...