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What we’re watching: Water

Of more than 2,700 bills and resolutions that were introduced by lawmakers this session, a strong line-up of water-related bills is still under serious consideration. Here's what we're watching.

Our 2016 legislative priorities

As the gavel fell on the 2016 session of the Oregon Legislature, OEC raised a glass to toast. Because of a law that OEC supporters helped, Oregon is set to become the first coal free state. Thanks to the Clean Electricity and Coal Transition bill, Oregon will transition off of coal-fired power completely by 2030. Clean renewable energy, such as wind and solar, will replace the coal we’re kissing goodbye. In fact, because of this bill, Oregon will double its renewable energy use by 2040, become one of the cleanest powered states, create a brand-new community solar program, and scale up our electric vehicle infrastructure — another key strategy ...

Let’s Avoid Septic Shock

Rotten. Rancid. Infected. Putrid. Puss-filled. That’s what septic means. So it stands to reason that if septic systems designed to safely contain bacteria-laced waste begin to leak and leach, it poses serious health and environmental problems for all of us. Starkly stated, no one wants to run the risk of our land and water going septic. That’s why Oregon Environmental Council strongly supports Senator Arnie Roblan’s decision to reintroduce legislation to reduce these risks. His 2016 bill, SB 1563, would create a loan fund to help residents and small businesses repair, upgrade and replace their septic systems. These actions would help protect ...