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Join us for a Statewide Day of Action

In the unprecedented world facing us, what’s the most powerful statement you can make? It’s showing up to say I care about protecting people, defending clean air and water, and giving our kids a better life. On Saturday, Nov. 4th, we all need to show up. Check it out. Oregonians have been organizing for years. On November 4th, people across the state gather to show our legislators we can't wait any longer for a strong, equitable climate policy in Oregon. If you’ve been looking for an excuse to get together with friends, enjoy a beverage and talk about shared values, then look no farther. Join Oregon Environmental Council, founding ...

Introducing our 2016 legislative agenda

Oregon Environmental Council has been a leader in every legislative session since our founding in 1968. Our steady presence and our ability to forge consensus across party lines have led to creative and practical environmental protections. In 2016, OEC will once again be hard at work in Salem to protect Oregon’s environment and quality of life. Our priorities for this session include: The Clean Electricity & Coal Transition Plan (HB 4036) to transition Oregon off of coal-fired power while doubling the state’s commitment to new renewable energy to 50% The Healthy Climate Bill (SB 1574) to limit climate pollution and account for ...

Youth Transit Initiative: A Win for Youth, Family Pocketbooks and the Environment

Oregon Youth Face Transportation Barriers Yellow school buses get students to and from school, but they do not help students access broader opportunities that foster success in life. Some students can’t participate in sports or other after-school activities, such as tutoring, because they don’t have a way home. For some kids, an after-school job is a necessity, and transit access helps them contribute to their family’s income. Other youth can’t access essential social services that contribute to their health and stability. And due to limited transportation options, some students are chronically late or absent, fall behind, and simply drop ...

Health Series Infographic: Parkinson’s Disease and Pollution

Nobody can say for certain why Parkinson's Disease developed in the 22,500 Oregonians currently living with the disease. But we do know that the chronic, progressive neurological disease takes an enormous toll on our state's economy and well-being.  Download the complete Parkinson's Disease and Pollution Fact Sheet

Health Series Infographic: Breast Cancer and Pollution

“I’m sorry: you have breast cancer.” We can expect that 12% of girls born today will one day hear those devastating words. What if we could change that future? There’s hope. Only a small percentage of breast cancers are due to high-risk inherited genes. So if we can reduce other cancer risks in our environment, we may be able to prevent some cancer and build a healthier future. Learn more about environmental factors linked to breast cancer and what you can do to work for prevention.