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More than a decade of work will not be silenced.

2019 has been a tumultuous year for Oregonians and our environment. As we look to the future, we remain more committed than ever to the idea that people coming together with passion and perseverance can positively alter the course of the future. There is much work yet to do: In the last legislative session, the Oregon legislature failed to vote on the Clean Energy Jobs bill. It was a disappointing outcome after an inspiring show of support for the bill over many years. More than a decade of work will not be silenced. The crucial work of Oregon Environmental Council has always been—and will always be—fueled by the broad support of our members ...

Youth activism continues to inspire, push for bold climate action

Youth from around the globe came together for an intense week of climate action this September. They organized gatherings, rallies, marches, speeches, direct actions, and events to bring awareness to the current climate crisis and push decision-makers to take meaningful action on climate.

OEC Supports Nature For All

Oregon Environmental Council is proud to endorse the Nature For All ballot measure, put forward by Oregon Metro.  OEC strongly supports maintaining this bond funding to support the critical local investments in our clean water, improved habitat,  access to greenspace, and key involvement of communities across the region. In 1992 the region first approved the Metropolitan Greenspaces Master Plan to create a blueprint for how we use our parks, trails, and natural areas. Since then, voters have approved bond measures in 1995 and 2006 to invest in the protection and preservation of our natural spaces, improve access to trails and recreation, and ...

Trump didn’t just attack California’s air quality

President Donald Trump and the Environmental Protection Agency are attempting to undo the work of thousands of Oregonians and dozens of organizations that successfully demanded Clean Car Standards in Oregon in 2006.

Oregonians feel climate disruption, unfinished business

Climate disruption, along with unchecked air and water pollution from dirty energy sources, is harming Oregonians, and for too long, our leaders have put off addressing climate change in a comprehensive way.

The art of collaboration: working together for conservation

It seems so rare now, Democrats and Republicans working together towards shared conservation goals. But in the 1970s, Oregon was an epicenter of bipartisan cooperation that established important, groundbreaking environmental policy that has shaped our state to this day.

Angus Duncan

“Whatever is in the air, and the water, and the soil and the trees- I had a lot of opportunity to ingest it. Ultimately, you see enough of the world, and you realize what a great place Oregon is."

How’s your Walktober?

Let’s face it: adopting new healthy habits can be challenging. Sometimes it takes a little nudge to turn good intentions into action. If you've been meaning to try walking to school, work or other activities, "Walktober" is a great time to start! Hundreds of schools across Oregon have walk-to-school community programs offering support, supervision, and maps for safe and reliable routes. See who's walking. For adults, check out the links to special walking events this month, as well as walking groups, assembled by Oregon Walks. If you need more incentive, check out these step-tracking apps that help you earn donations for your miles. ...

How the Oregon Rebate for Electric Cars Works

In the next year, new rebates for electric cars will be available thanks to hard-fought work by OEC (and our partners) this last legislative session. While you're planning your next EV purchase, we thought we'd share a little more about how it will work, who it will impact and why it's important (hint: clean air + better cost/mileage = ? ). VIDEO: Oregonians eligible for rebate when they buy an eco-friendly car in 2018 (KPTV)  Policy analyst Josh Goldman with the Union for Concerned Scientists explains the basics. https://blog.ucsusa.org/josh-goldman/how-the-oregon-rebate-for-electric-cars-works Goldman walks through which electric ...

Calling all who breathe. Call your State Senator!

NOW is your chance to celebrate science by insisting on it, right here in Oregon. Call your State Senator today.