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OEC Celebrates Scientists: Linda George

“Politicians and citizens often face hard choices when it comes to complex problems.” The scientific process helps decision-makers by providing information that is “based on the best available science, reproducible and as objective as possible.”

OEC Celebrates Scientists: Allison Aldous, Freshwater Scientist

“People underestimate how dependent we are on healthy rivers and watersheds... Science can help clarify the relationship we have with water.”

OEC Celebrates Scientists: Amy Patton

“Clean water is a naturally renewable resource. However, once contaminated, it becomes very hard to get back to a usable state. Our clean water is so valuable, and protecting it must be a priority.”

OEC Celebrates Scientists: Bill Peterson

"As scientists, we need to share what we know in ways people can understand. Some of it’s complicated, such as how near term climate variability will affect marine food chains and how long term climate change makes the ocean more acidic, how ocean acidification impacts plankton, and how that, in turn, affects food for salmon. But if we tell this well, the public will speak up for climate action."

OEC Celebrates Scientists: Julie Haack, Green Chemistry

“Everything we buy and use has impacts on the environment. By using cutting-edge science, such as life-cycle analysis and green chemistry, we can identify where the biggest impacts are and discover and develop much safer alternatives.”

Celebrating Oregon Scientists

In anticipation of this week's March for Science - we wanted to share with you a few scientists who we think are doing great things right here in Oregon.