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Climate Change is Impacting Youth Mental Health

Do you find yourself or the youth in your life feeling anxious or depressed over the idea of climate change? A new study shows this is a problem sweeping Oregon and beyond. The Oregon Health Authority just released a report, Climate Change and Youth Mental Health in Oregon, documenting the impacts of climate change on the mental health of youth (ages 15-25). This study was completed under the direction of Governor Brown’s Executive Order 20-04, also known as the Oregon Climate Action Plan. The study, one of the largest in the nation to date, documents a growing youth mental health crisis in Oregon. Climate stressors, including climate anxiety, ...

Lead at home? Yes, even in 2021!

Preventing exposure to toxics is core to OEC’s living green (and healthy) philosophy. This spring, protect your family with these lead tips.

Modernizing the Toxic Free Kids Act

OEC and partners testify in support of HB 2495 to strengthen protections for children’s health and defend TFKA from opposition.

Waters Out of Whack

Harmful algae blooms are becoming more common. This is the story of 8 bodies of water in Oregon and the neighboring communities affected by toxic algae growth.

How do we handle algae?

The water crisis in Salem is a wake-up call to the growing threat of harmful algae blooms in Oregon. How can we prevent these events from happening more in the future?

Protecting the Source

Do you know where your drinking water comes from? Whether it comes from the ground or a local river or reservoir? Who or what you live downstream from?

Tiny Plants with a Toxic Punch

Summer is here and it's time to jump in the water - but wait - what's that pea-green scum floating on the surface? A harmful algae bloom.

New public health plan tackles climate change in Oregon

Guest Blog Post by Alex Garcia, Oregon Climate and Health Program, AmeriCorps VISTA Team Member Oregon’s public health sector is committed to taking care of Oregonians, especially those most vulnerable amongst us. That is why addressing and preparing for climate change, one of the greatest threat multipliers for public health, is a priority for the Oregon Health Authority. Yesterday, the Oregon Public Health Division released the Oregon Climate and Health Resilience Plan, a new climate resilience plan for Oregon’s Public Health system. The plan outlines a set of actions that the public health workforce specifically can take to address ...