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OEC Celebrates Scientists: Bill Peterson

"As scientists, we need to share what we know in ways people can understand. Some of it’s complicated, such as how near term climate variability will affect marine food chains and how long term climate change makes the ocean more acidic, how ocean acidification impacts plankton, and how that, in turn, affects food for salmon. But if we tell this well, the public will speak up for climate action."

Celebrating Oregon Scientists

In anticipation of this week's March for Science - we wanted to share with you a few scientists who we think are doing great things right here in Oregon.

A Quick Guide to Ocean Acidification

by: Samantha Murray Hands down, Oregon has one of the most stunning coastlines in the world. And if you’ve ever watched the sun set behind Haystack Rock, lined up to catch a wave at Short Sands, or caught a glimpse of the grey whales at Depoe Bay, it would be easy to believe all is well in the ocean. Unfortunately, things are not always as they seem. Beneath the surface of this vast and powerful body of blue-green water, there is a secret: our shared, global ocean is getting warmer and it’s getting more acidic. It’s absorbing carbon dioxide at an alarming rate and that’s quickly changing the way animals grow, reproduce and live. This ...