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Social Equity and the Environment

Many of Oregon’s low-income neighborhoods and communities of color face greater environmental hazards, have less access to environmental benefits, and have the fewest resources to address these challenges. Because these communities endure many inequities, they are uniquely vulnerable to health harm from environmental factors. Oregon’s decision-makers and others who benefit from power and privilege—including Oregon Environmental Council—have a responsibility to work towards greater social equity in our state. OEC has adopted an “equity lens” to ensure that we consider equity as we develop project and policy concepts. OEC is committed ...

The Pope: 5 lessons on tending to the earth

By Danny Schaffer When Pope Francis arrives in United States on September 22, he will undoubtedly convey the Catholic Church’s enduring message of peace and good will for all humankind. But he’s also likely to bring another, more sobering message that he first presented in his Encyclical (Laudato Si), “On Care for our Common Home,” in May. The message is that we cannot count on the prevailing “techno-economic paradigm” to combat the global environmental crisis that we see manifesting around us – ranging from climate change to species loss, from deforestation to soil and water degradation. “The earth, our home, Pope Francis ...

It’s Your Oregon member profile: Joseph Santos-Lyons

This profile is on Rev. Joseph Santos-Lyons, Executive Director of the Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon (APANO) and community minister. He talks about why he loves Oregon, the importance of environmental justice, and why climate change needs to be addressed on a state level.