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Building Back Better with a Strong Reconciliation Package

OEC and nearly 50 other state-based partners call on congressional leaders to build back better through bold investments in climate, jobs, and justice. August 26, 2021  RE: Please help Oregon build back better by supporting an equitable economic recovery and health outcomes, family-sustaining jobs, and a transition to a clean energy economy.  Dear Senator,  Throughout this summer, Oregonians across the state have experienced record-breaking heat waves, which have killed some 100 people, sent thousands to emergency rooms for heat-related illness, and forced dozens of small businesses to close their doors. With climate-fueled extreme ...

Why Does Congestion Pricing Matter?

As ODOT considers transportation pricing in the Portland region, we explain why “congestion pricing” is the most effective long-term way to address our traffic woes.

Federal climate action paves the way for progress

OEC’s climate team breaks down the ins and outs of what Biden’s “Climate Day” means for Oregon