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PFAS AKA “Forever Chemicals”

When we first wrote about PFAS in 2020 they were still relatively new in the public consciousness. Today, the full scope of these "forever chemicals" has come frighteningly into focus.

7 Films for World Water Day

Here are our staff movie picks to broaden and energize your #MyWaterWhy this World Water Day.

What’s Your Water Why?

Today, we can all stand up for water and our future as a healthy and resilient state by sharing why water matters to our lives, livelihoods and the world around us. #MyWaterWhy

#MyWaterWhy – Stacey Dalgaard

As we kick of the 2019 Oregon World Water Day campaign, hear from OEC's Water Outreach Director about why water matters for our future.

OEC Celebrates Scientists: Allison Aldous, Freshwater Scientist

“People underestimate how dependent we are on healthy rivers and watersheds... Science can help clarify the relationship we have with water.”