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Help inform a smarter water future

This week, Oregon’s water resources commissioners will discuss how to address our water challenges. Speak up today to make sure they hold the department accountable for protecting Oregon’s water future.

OEC Celebrates Scientists: Amy Patton

“Clean water is a naturally renewable resource. However, once contaminated, it becomes very hard to get back to a usable state. Our clean water is so valuable, and protecting it must be a priority.”

What you should know about well water

If you are like more than 70% of Oregonians, some of your drinking water comes from wells and other groundwater sources. Approximately 23% of Oregonians rely on private wells as their primary source of water – to drink, to bathe in, and to cook their food. Yet this valuable water source can become contaminated. Earlier this month the Medford Mail Tribune took a deep look at one such contaminant affecting Jackson County: arsenic. Jackson County is not alone. Similar problems exist across the state, but for years state agencies have not had the resources to monitor groundwater quality, so there is little information about the extent of the ...