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Electrifying Oregon’s Local Economies

To advance an equitable transition to electric vehicles, OEC recently partnered with several local women- and/or BIPOC-owned small businesses to invest in on-the-ground workforce development, consumer education, job creation, and business competitiveness – all powered by funding from the Oregon Clean Fuels Program via PGE’s Drive Change Fund.

Getting an electric vehicle just got easier!

Electric vehicles are only becoming more popular and affordable. Though we still need to find ways to drive less, EVs are a great alternative for cleaner mobility.  Thanks to some new policies and state investments, many of them supported by OEC, there are more accessible options today for low carbon transportation.  Transportation is still responsible for nearly 40% of Oregon's greenhouse gas pollution. That means, in order to reach our climate goals, we’re all going to have to both drive less and use less fossil fuels when we do drive. The good news is, this is becoming easier and more affordable every day. If you buy or lease a new or used ...