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2024 Legislative Session

OEC’s legislative advocacy in the 2024 short session will take key bills over the finish line, secure essential funding for environmental programs, and deliver on our promise to stay vigilant for the health of Oregon’s environment and communities. Our advocacy helps ensure healthy air, thriving communities, clean and plentiful water, and climate resiliency. Our policies harness innovation and create new economic opportunities. They are grounded in preventing harm and advancing fairness. YOU CAN GET INVOLVED: Sign up for our Grassroots Action Information Network (GAIN) email list. We’ll send you ways to show up, communicate with legislators, ...

Could Oregon be the 5th state to pass a ‘right to repair’ law? Here is how you can help!

Oregon’s Right to Repair (SB 1596) will reduce Oregon’s electronic waste footprint by requiring technology companies to make parts that allow small businesses to repair electronics like smartphones.

Clean Tech: Greener, Richer, Freer

More and more people in Oregon and across the United States are embracing electric vehicles and efficient HVAC systems to heat and cool their homes. Individual decisions like these will help Oregon deliver on its climate goals, but is our state missing a big opportunity to create thousands of jobs building clean energy technologies? Hear from industry experts who spoke at our latest Business & Environment Forum about Oregon’s chance to be a leader in clean tech.

Checklist: DIY Home Heat Pump Maintenance

Like all heating and cooling systems, proper maintenance helps heat pumps operate at optimal efficiency.

Using Data to Save Lives in Extreme Heat: Multnomah County’s New Interactive Heat Vulnerability Index Tool

Oregon’s most populous county is harnessing data to help decision-makers and emergency response groups prioritize areas for urgent and long-term solutions to protect people from dangerous heat.

Water Justice, a Shared Vision for the Future

For World Water Day 2023, we affirm our commitment to water justice and elevate the Oregon Water Justice Framework, recently released by the Oregon Water Futures Project, a collaboration between water and environmental justice interests, Indigenous peoples, communities of color, low-income communities, and academic institutions. Oregon Environmental Council is proud to be a member of the Oregon Water Futures Project. Clean water is foundational to every aspect of our lives. Yet in Oregon, far too many people struggle every day to have their water needs met. We must continue to work to promote improved water quality, protect natural resources, and ...

Climate Champion: Governor Brown’s Legacy and the Path Ahead

Governor Brown delivered historic climate policy protections. Now it’s up to Governor Kotek to build on this progress.

New Initiatives for Safe, Affordable, Climate-Friendly Homes and Buildings

The 2023 legislative session presents a vital opportunity to make progress in achieving our climate goals and protect families and communities from ever-worsening climate impacts. OEC is excited to support a “Building Resilience” policy package this session that will cut pollution and increase the climate resilience of our homes and buildings   Recognizing the vital need to transform and expand Oregon’s building stock in a way that maximizes climate, public health, affordability, and job creation benefits for Oregon, the 2022 legislature established the “Resilient, Efficient Buildings (REBuilding) Task Force.” The REBuilding ...

Climate Protection Win for Oregon Workers

Industry plaintiffs brought two claims against rules to protect workers in Oregon from the harmful and dangerous impacts of exposure to heat and smoke. Both suits were dismissed “with prejudice” which means they were dismissed permanently and cannot be brought to Court again.   On December 20, 2022, the U.S. District Court in Medford dismissed a lawsuit brought by Oregon Manufacturers and Commerce, Associated Oregon Loggers Inc., and the Oregon Forest Industries Council. The suit was intended to roll back a set of rules that Oregon OSHA put in place in June 2022 - at the urging of OEC and partners – to provide Oregon workers with ...

Prioritizing Children’s Health in Kid’s Products

Toxic chemicals that harm health should not be in our kids' products. But they are. Thousands of chemicals lurk in products our kids use every day and children are far more vulnerable to toxics than adults due to their smaller size and developing organs. Even worse, the most recent studies show that new chemical compounds are produced at a rate of 10 million per year, which translates to nearly 1,000 new chemicals synthesized every hour. In 2015, OEC led the advocacy work to pass the historic Toxic Free Kids Act (TFKA), requiring manufacturers of children’s products to disclose — and eventually phase out — the worst chemicals of concern for ...