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Eco-Healthy Cleaning & Disinfecting For Children’s Spaces

Removing Barriers to Safe Home Cleaning Products

Many popular and inexpensive home cleaning products contain toxic chemicals. There are alternatives, but they can be expensive or require extra steps. What happens when those barriers are removed? OEC partnered with Hacienda CDC to find out. Hacienda CDC Eco- Healthy Home Survey In the Fall/Winter of 2020, socially distanced, in-person focus groups and bilingual online surveys were held in Hacienda CDC’s housing communities to listen to residents' concerns about toxic chemicals in the home. COVID-19 hit the Latino/x community particularly hard, and the increased levels of disinfecting increased families’ and kids’ exposure to dozens of ...

We’ve Got Receipts! Retailers Respond to Consumer Demands for Safer Shopping

The 5th annual Mind the Store Report Card provides evidence of success; retailers are responding to consumer demands; Wendy’s announces the phaseout of PFAS in food packaging.