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Reducing Your Impact on Oregon’s Waterways from Home

World Water Day is this Sunday, March 22, and even as we're adapting to a new normal of social distancing and working from home, there are lots of ways that you can do your part to protect our air, land and water.

Guide to Green Disinfecting

As fears of the COVID-19 pandemic ramp up, news reports of people hoarding cleaning supplies have dominated the headlines. Here at OEC, we want to remind our readers not to panic. Seriously, please don’t. You do not need to stock up on bleach, disinfecting wipes, or hand sanitizers that have harmful additives to be able to clean or disinfect properly. Rather, regardless of whether there is a pandemic or not, you can still utilize the tried and true solutions creatively, and be more diligent about your own personal cleanliness to keep you and your home healthy and happy. Here are some eco-friendly and less toxic ways to clean your home and ...

Give your home a health check-up

The way you maintain your home can make a big difference to your family’s health. Pollutants commonly found in households can trigger asthma, allergies, chronic disease and other negative health effects. This booklet will help you protect your family’s health with “eco-healthy” practices in your yard, garden and any room in your house. Use our room-by-room checklist to give your home an eco-healthy checkup. Then, use our eco-healthy home guide to learn about: Low and no-cost practices you can try with a little time or a few dollars Affordable alternatives for the next time you shop Investments to consider when you make a big ...