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New report: Oregon fails on diesel

This month, Oregon’s cross-agency team of experts made it very clear: None of our current efforts to reduce diesel pollution have worked, or will work, to meet our state’s goals for protecting human and environmental health. "Diesel emissions impacts to human health and the environment are not being adequately addressed by the DEQ [Department of Environmental Quality] or through Toxics Reduction Strategy planning.” This matter-of-fact statement, and details about Oregon’s diesel problem, are part of a newly updated toxics reduction strategy presented to the Environmental Quality Commission in January 2019. The strategy is designed to work ...

It’s not too late for clean air

Let’s be frank. When it comes to cleaning up Oregon’s air, we know the bill for Clean Engines, Clean Air could be stronger in curbing dirty diesel. But we can still cut back the toxic air pollution our kids are breathing with what's left in these final days of session.

Storify: Lobby for Clean Air Day

Today dozens of clean air partners, including high school students, shared their love for Oregon’s air by handing out Valentines to every legislator at the state capitol in Salem. The notes attached included a “sweet reminder” on why it's important for Oregon to do something this session

Timber Jim Calls for Diesel Cleanup

Guest Blog by Jim Serrill Working as a lumberjack for nearly 40 years, I used tools with diesel engines for a good part of my career. Diesel engines are great at getting hard work done. I’ve spent my career working with chainsaws, woodchippers and other logging equipment. I remember cutting down trees, and you couldn’t help but breathe in chainsaw exhaust. By the end of the day I would feel like I had a cold, and my sinuses were swollen and inflamed. But I always considered that to be part of the job. One year, I went in for my annual physical and received word that my PSA levels were elevated. I was sent to an urologist to follow-up. It was ...

Oregon Gets Lemonade From VW’s lemons

VW settlement to help Oregon fund cleaner diesel vehicles Oregon consumers who drive Volkswagens may be the first to applaud the $85 million settlement with the company announced today, but all Oregonians have a reason to cheer. Oregon now has $68 million to jump-start a clean air effort that can reap huge benefits for the health of every Oregonian, including our most vulnerable communities: cleaning up one of our major sources of air pollution: our oldest, dirtiest heavy-duty diesel trucks and buses. Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum and Governor Kate Brown showed a bold and decisive commitment to Oregonian values. They put muscle behind a ...

Health First for Air Quality

If we want to breathe healthy air, Oregon must deal with serious toxic air pollution from a number of sources.

5 Useful Lessons from the VW Scandal

Clearing the Air on Volkswagen’s diesel debacle You’ve probably heard by now that beginning in 2009, Volkswagen decided to secretly equip its diesel automobiles with emission control devices designed to operate only when the automobiles were being tested. This incredible deception allowed the German automaker to claim that its diesel cars were fuel-efficient, environmentally friendly and also fun to drive. Over the next six years, VW would sell 11 million diesel automobiles worldwide, including nearly 500,000 in the United States. On September 18, just two months after it had reached the pinnacle of global automobile sales, VW admitted that ...