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Emerging toxics: PFAS in groundwater

“Forever chemicals” and where they’re being found in Oregon.

Waters Out of Whack

Harmful algae blooms are becoming more common. This is the story of 8 bodies of water in Oregon and the neighboring communities affected by toxic algae growth.

Safe Drinking Water

Where Do You Get Your Water? More than 70% of Oregonians get some of their drinking water from wells, and 23% of Oregonians rely on privately owned wells as their primary source of water. Yet in many parts of the state, this water is polluted. Thousands of Oregonians may be unknowingly drinking water that could lead to cancer, miscarriage and other serious health risks. The most common contaminants in well water are nitrate, bacteria, arsenic and pesticides. This contamination can come from failing septic tanks, fertilizers, livestock waste, and poorly constructed or maintained wells on a homeowner’s property or property nearby. Well ...

On the Resignation of DEQ Director Dick Pedersen:

The safety net we rely on to prevent dangerous pollution in our water, air and communities is torn. For many years, Oregon Environmental Council has called on the Department of Environmental Quality to fully enforce our anti-pollution laws and hold companies and local governments accountable for their pollution. We call on the Governor to appoint a Director of the DEQ who will prioritize the strong enforcement of our environmental laws and will bring attention to changes in the law that are needed to protect the health and well being of our families, our communities and our environment.  We also call on the Legislature to fully fund the DEQ, so ...