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Goodbye Coal, Hello Clean Energy

Today is an exciting day for clean energy! Oregon just became the first state EVER to pass legislation to transition off of coal-fired power. This is the first major victory for renewable energy following the Paris climate talks. The fact that coal makes up 30 percent of Oregon’s energy mix is not widely known. Throughout this process we’ve had conversations with Oregonians from all across the state, many of whom were surprised and disheartened to learn that Oregon ratepayers continue to pay for coal electricity and most of it coming from burning coal out of state. But now, thanks to the Clean Electricity and Coal Transition bill, Oregon will ...


The Clean Electricity and Coal Transition Bill (HB 4036) has passed the House of Representatives! The bipartisan vote was 39-20. This is a BIG deal for our climate! This exciting step happened because people like you took the time to share your priorities with lawmakers. Thank you for helping Oregon lead the way toward our clean energy future. Your voice matters! What's next? The Senate floor vote could happen as early as next week. Stay tuned for another opportunity to let your lawmakers know their support of this bill is important to you. It's good for our climate, our health and our economy.