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Just How Essential Is the EPA Anyway?

It isn’t just federal protections that are at stake. The EPA has been an essential partner working to protect the environment here in Oregon.

Guest Post: The Clean Power Plan Will Benefit Transportation, Too.

As climate advocates – and really, most of the nation- enjoy a well-deserved celebration after the announcement of the Clean Power Plan, transportation issues have taken a back seat. An overlooked benefit of the Clean Power Plan is that its an important step in transportation policy as well.

The collective consciousness shift: your monthly dose of climate goodness

It's that time again. Time to put away our newly-altered Atlas to reflect shrinking ice sheets and turn away from the barrage of stories on drought and wildfires, stories that seem to point to a rapidly changing world. Yet while climate change is certainly a big deal, it's also true that in the media if it bleeds, it leads. Hence we see the repeated publication of the shocking, the tragic and the scary. That's why we've created a special forum here to, at least on a monthly basis, document the positive when it comes to climate change. The good is there; the movement is building. We just have to dig a little deeper than the headlines to find proof of ...