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Youth activism continues to inspire, push for bold climate action

Youth from around the globe came together for an intense week of climate action this September. They organized gatherings, rallies, marches, speeches, direct actions, and events to bring awareness to the current climate crisis and push decision-makers to take meaningful action on climate.

Oregonians feel climate disruption, unfinished business

Climate disruption, along with unchecked air and water pollution from dirty energy sources, is harming Oregonians, and for too long, our leaders have put off addressing climate change in a comprehensive way.

When Clean Fuels Win, So Does the Climate, Our Air, Our Oregon

Good news in the environmental world can feel hard to come by these days. That’s why it's more important than ever that we elevate and celebrate local success stories. SeQuential Biofuels is one of those local stories worth celebrating. An Oregon business that recycles used cooking oil, SeQuential takes waste that would otherwise be thrown out with the nightly trash, and converts it into clean burning biodiesel. An early participant in the Oregon Clean Fuels Standard, Portland-based SeQuential is proving that the Standard is a success. Their company is growing, and their biodiesel is sold all over the state (you may have even bought their fuel ...

Dirty Energy, Dirty Money: Forum on Finance Reform Tours Oregon

We like to think we are special, that we live in a bubble, but Oregon is not immune. Big money is influencing politics and has intersected with environmental policies here in Oregon. Our campaign finance system is broken and that has affected Oregon's efforts to protect our environment (read more about Big Oil money in Oregon's political system here). OEC is excited to support Common Cause's statewide forum to present research findings on Big Oil's influence during Oregon's 2015 state legislative session. Participants will hear from presenters on what it is like to be on the ground actually fighting big energy money to try and pass environme...

The Force Awakens at OEC

Today, the 7th installment of the iconic space opera, Star Wars, is being released in theaters worldwide.  The saga continues as a rebel force driven in pursuit of justice takes on a well-resourced and powerful Galactic Empire. The rebels may have won an epic victory against the archaic ruling system, but the struggle continues.  It was a long time ago in a galaxy far far away... But wait—is there a disturbance in the force right here in Oregon? Could the Empire of the oil industry face a real challenge from the noble Jedi Council—er, Oregon Environmental Council?  In 2015, The Council helped ensure that Oregon's clean fuels standard will ...

Is out-of-state oil trying to rewrite our laws in Oregon?

What's going on? The oil industry has filed proposed ballot initiatives to undo Oregon's clean air laws. Some of the same exact ballot language appeared in the recent transportation bill. Look at our side by side comparison below or in this PDF: SideBySide. Is out-of-state oil trying to rewrite our laws in Oregon? "We were asked to provide an outline for a program... and we did, " Tupper Hull, vice president of strategic communications for Western States Petroleum Association said. "And that's now being considered." -Salem Statesman Journal, June 23, 2015      

Statement from OEC, OLCV, and Climate Solutions

According to news reports, in an attempt to secure a transportation package – which our organizations strongly support – Governor Brown and a group of legislators are proposing a repeal of the Clean Fuels Program and attempting to replace it with a package of proposals that will cost taxpayers significant money and fails to guarantee cleaner air. The Oregon League of Conservation Voters, Climate Solutions and Oregon Environmental Council issue the following statement, in response to this proposal: “The Clean Fuels program is the most effective and proven way to address climate change, safeguard clean air, and support new and innovative ...

Climate change news that’s not too hot to handle: Your monthly roundup of good news

Climate change presents the most pressing challenge of our time, but it also represents a major opportunity – economically, societally and even spiritually. It’s a topic that forces us to harness our inner resiliency and learn how to adapt and evolve, both collectively and individually. So with that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the good news from the past month: Following years of public pressure and a well-coordinated campaign organized by the Rainforest Action Network, Bank of America unveiled its new global coal mining policy committing to reduce exposure to coal mining companies across the board. They announced the new policy at ...