Supporter Spotlight: Joel Newman & Soccer Shots Portland

Newman Family PortraitIn 2021, Joel Newman and his wife Alice Graham became OEC members, inspired to take action to safeguard the future against the threat of climate change. As parents of a 2- and a 5-year-old, Joel and his wife want to ensure they are doing their part for the world and their children’s future. “We want to be a positive part of where the world is moving.”

“I’ve experienced multiple ‘a-ha’ moments when it comes to the environment, the climate, and the future,” says Joel, “I believe we all share the responsibility to do what we can for the betterment of people and the planet.”

When asked why he chose to support OEC, Joel says he recognized OEC’s statewide policy work on climate and — along with efforts in neighboring states like Washington and California — OEC’s reputation of pushing for big, meaningful policies that move markets towards solutions, including clean energy technologies like solar and wind. “Ultimately, nothing is going to happen on a large scale without policy change. That’s why OEC’s work is so essential.”

In addition to Joel and Alice being OEC members, Joel also supports the environment through his business, Soccer Shots Portland — a program offering fun, non-competitive soccer skills classes to children ages 2-8 — by participating in 1% for the Planet. Joel pointed to the intersection of climate and sport. “We’re already seeing the impacts of the climate crisis on how kids play. Extreme weather, heat, and smoke limit where and when kids can safely play soccer outside.”

In the same way that Soccer Shots Portland invests in children’s health, wellness, and social development, Joel views his commitment to environmental progress as an investment with long-term returns. “It’s important to remember that the actions we take today will continue to make an impact in 30-40 years.” 

When asked what he would say to other business owners who want to make a difference, Joel shared, “If you don’t know what to do or how to help, just start! Find an organization like OEC that’s doing the work, and take action. The time is now. We can all be amplifiers for change, and when we take positive steps now, we can create a better future.” 

You can join Joel and Alice – and Soccer Shots Portland – and make a difference when you support OEC today!

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