Alert: your right to know is at risk

Just as Oregon begins to find out how toxic chemicals occur in children’s products, an industry-backed bill could block that information.

Industry groups are behind the proposed “Accurate Labels Act” ( H.R. 6022/S. 3019 ), first introduced in 2018, which would make it easier for manufacturers to hide chemicals linked to cancer and other health harm.

The multi-billion-dollar chemical industry continues to use secrecy as a way to defend toxic chemicals produced in tens of thousands of pounds each year.

The proposed bill would re-write the 1967 “Fair Packaging and Labeling Act.” Instead of giving consumers more information to make choices about the products we buy, the re-write would restrict information. It would also block state programs already in place that require manufacturers to share information on toxic chemicals in cleaning products, furniture, children’s toys and clothes, and more.

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