Statement RE: Cuts to EPA & Scientific Research

Oregon must stand strong for environmental & scientific standards that protect our health and our economy

President Trump’s proposed budget cuts to the environment and scientific research completely disregard the values we in Oregon have held for generations.

“These major cuts to EPA will have real impacts on the health of Oregonians across the state” said Andrea Durbin, Executive Director.

“Cutting back on air and water programs that protect communities of color and those most vulnerable to pollution means that the costs are just being shifted down the line,” said Durbin. “Oregonians will be left with shouldering the costs to protect our air, our water and our communities. We must continue to stand for the Oregonian values that protect our health and our future.”

Oregon Environmental Council works to protect the health of every Oregonian and the place we call home by working for clean air, water and a healthy climate.

Since 1968, we’ve helped achieve numerous policies and programs that have solidified Oregon’s reputation as a national environmental leader.

From the nation’s first nickel-deposit Bottle Bill to first-in-the nation carbon reduction programs – we work to find innovative, collaborative solutions to Oregon’s environmental challenges today and future generations.

 For media inquiries, contact Amy Lewin.

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