Statement on President Obama’s Clean Power Plan

President Obama got to the heart of the issue when he stated: “climate change is not a problem for another generation.” We must act now. At Oregon Environmental Council, we work collaboratively with individuals, businesses, health providers and elected officials to advance innovative, collaborative solutions to Oregon’s most pressing environmental challenges. Climate pollution threatens our economy, our health, our natural resources, and harms our way of life. Dangerous climate pollution is currently pumped into Oregon’s air and water, and President Obama’s Clean Power Plan helps correct that.

The plan sets the first-ever carbon pollution standards for power plants, while providing states and utilities with a number of tools to meet new standards. The power sector represents the single largest source of climate pollution in the U.S. In Oregon, approximately one third of our power comes from out-of-state coal power, and for customers of Pacific Power coal power makes up as much as 66% of the energy that runs our homes and businesses. But the Clean Power Plan provides an effective transition away from dirty, polluting coal to cleaner power.

The Clean Power Plan will improve the health of Oregon communities while creating investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency to benefit our local economies. Renewable energy has
already brought more than $9 billion
of investment to Oregon, and the wind
and solar industries combined have created an estimated 5,000 family-wage jobs throughout the state. At the same time, by cutting carbon pollution from power plants, we can reduce the risk of asthma and other harmful air pollutants that damage health and most negatively Oregon’s and the region’s most vulnerable populations.

We applaud President Obama for bringing climate change to the forefront of the nation’s attention today and developing a feasible plan to cut energy waste, create local clean energy infrastructure, and slow the damaging effects of climate change for today and future generations. To read more about how President Obama’s Clean Power Plan will work in Oregon, please view the Oregon fact sheet here.

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