Stand for Clean Fuels

Oregon has the opportunity to lead on climate.  But we need your help.

Emboldened by federal action to undo climate commitments, big oil is yet again pushing our legislature to rollback one of Oregon’s most innovative and effective climate and clean air protections, the Clean Fuels Standard.

This law is already a big success for Oregon, providing more fuel choices, helping small businesses, and reducing air pollution. In its first year alone, Clean Fuels slashed 775,000 tons of climate pollution, the same as taking 164,000 gas cars off the road for a year.

Oregon must stand up to outside interests and protect our climate programs. The stakes are too high to falter now.


It only takes about 30 seconds to let your representative know that you care about preserving Oregon’s climate and clean air law. Will you email them now?

Transportation emissions are not only the largest source of climate pollution in our state, it’s also a major source of air toxics, which harms hearts, lungs and brains.

Clean Fuels is already helping communities disproportionately impacted by polluted air. Low-income housing is often unfairly placed near polluted roadways, contributing to the fact that adults making less than $15,000 a year have an asthma rate nearly twice as high as those earning $50,000 a year.

Will you make sure your legislators know you want Oregon to lead on protecting clean air and public health? Email them now

 Please join OEC in calling on our legislators to protect Oregon’s Clean Fuels Standard.

Statewide leadership on climate action is needed now more than ever before.

Thank you for standing up for a healthier future for Oregon!
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  • Michael Cairns
    June 7, 2017 (7:56 pm)

    Please do what’s right Paul.