A Warm Welcome and a Fond Farewell

In the spirit of spring renewal, we have some exciting announcements about changes to the OEC Team in communications, operations and development. 

First, we wish a deep, and very fond farewell to Karen Roberti, Operations and Events Manager for OEC for the last 12 and a half years. Karen’s was the first smile friends, family, and partners saw when they visited our office. She pulled off Herculean feats arranging events that showcased our work and collaborations. She did a million and one things behind the scenes that contributed to our successes and made our work better every day simply by being her smart, warm, hilarious self. Karen’s wit, commitment, and expertise will be dearly missed by all who have crossed her path at OEC. We’re glad she’s not going far, and we suspect that her crafty pranks may keep us on our toes for many years to come. She will be dearly, dearly missed.

OEC is also delighted to extend a warm welcome to three new members of the OEC family; Joel Schoening, Communications Director; Guthrie Straw, Office Manager; and Janne Sepp, Database & Membership Associate. 

Joel Schoening brings with him 10 years of experience in strategic communications and community relations, and a Ph.D. in sociology. His most recent experience was serving as the  senior public relations manager for the Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative, where he managed communications during the expansion of the BottleDrop program, and the addition of thousands of new beverage types to Oregon’s bottle deposit and return program. What excites us most about bringing Joel onto the team is his experience with successful communication campaigns and incorporating authentic community and stakeholders voices.  Joel also serves on the board of the Association of Oregon Recyclers and in his free time, enjoys riding bikes and hanging out in northeast Portland with his partner Dawn, their dog Bunk, and family and friends. Welcome Joel!

Guthrie Straw brings a wealth of experiences including managing bike shops, building websites, hosting podcasts, and leading outdoors tours, to name just a few of his professional skills. We expect he’ll use all of those, and more, to help make sure OEC stays organized and efficient. After Ilene Moss, OEC’s finance director, spoke to Guthrie’s references, she knew Guthrie was the right fit. “Guthrie made himself indispensable to his previous employers and was recognized by all as a team player who brought a unique mix of skills, efficiency, and creativity to his work.” In his spare time Guthrie is getting to know every nook and cranny of Oregon’s varied landscape and can be found in his spare time cycling, packrafting and leaning deeply into a sense of place and wonder for the natural world and human connections that surround us. Welcome Guthrie!

Janne Sepp joins the development team with experience integrating multiple databases with customer relationship management (CRM) software that will be a much needed addition to OEC.  Teke Dillender, OEC’s Deputy Director for Philanthropy, was impressed with Janne’s, “Understanding of how efficient, well-designed systems and databases are crucial to effective and efficient fundraising programs.” Before starting at Oregon Environmental Council, Janne worked for the Portland Children’s Museum where she tracked and organized donor data, and supported the Museum’s fundraising efforts. Janne likes dancing at the Portland Estonian community dance group. With her husband and daughter, she enjoys exploring nature of the Pacific Northwest.  Welcome Janne!

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