Oregon Transportation Plan Open House

When it comes to our public resources you have a say. So when feedback is requested, we encourage our members to participate!

Now, through August 31, you can participate in an online open house focused on Oregon’s Public Transportation Plan (OPTP).

The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) is working with state and local governments on this update. The plan addresses ODOT’s work and supports the decisions of public transportation providers and other government agencies, which will impact transportation decisions throughout the state. The OPTP will become a part of the Oregon Transportation Plan when it is adopted by the Oregon Transportation Commission.

This plan will focus on policies and strategies relating to transportation services that are provided and funded by public agencies. This includes fixed-route bus lines, demand response (door-to-door) services, streetcar, and light rail. The plan will also address interactions between public services and existing and emerging private services, such as intercity bus systems, ridesharing, and carsharing.

Speak up!
ODOT invites you to review and comment on the plan’s draft policies and strategies and collect input to inform the draft plan. Feedback will be shared with the plan Policy Advisory Committee, and be used to develop and refine plan contents.

This online open house is open to all state residents to ensure that the OPTP policies and strategies accurately reflects public transportation needs and desires throughout Oregon.

ODOT ONLINE OPEN HOUSE, Now through August 31.  

SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS: http://optpfeedback.org

For more background information visit the project webpage at: http://www.oregon.gov/ODOT/TD/TP/Pages/optp.aspx or contact Lucia Ramirez at lucia.l.ramirez@odot.state.or.us and by phone at 503-986-4168.

Comments may be left anytime during plan development at OPTP@odot.state.or.us.


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