Speak up for Transportation Justice

Calling all Oregonians: Join us as we stand with partners across the state in support of drivers licenses for all: the “Equal Access to Roads Act” (House Bill 2015).

Who should be licensed to drive?
For many years, in order to get a driver’s license in Oregon, people had to prove three things: driving skills, residence in Oregon, and identity. But in the last ten years, those who want to drive must also show their citizen status to get a license or permit. As a result, thousands of Oregonians have no way to get a legal license to drive.

Even to drive a child to school, or a doctor’s appointment would mean breaking the law. In communities across the state where there is little or no public transportation options, these families have few options for accessing Oregon’s critical services, work and school–not to mention parks and natural wonders.

Oregon Environmental Council stands with our partners, asking the state to open driving privileges to Oregon residents regardless of their citizenship or immigration status. There must be an option for driving privileges alone, separate from ID that is used for air travel or activities where proof of citizenship is important.

Drivers Licenses For All Campaign: OEC is one of a coalition of groups supporting the Driver’s Licenses for All campaign to expand eligibility for an Oregon driver’s license to all Oregonians. Together, we will urge legislature to pass HB 2015 this year, allowing all Oregonians to legally drive if they pass written and driving tests, pay requisite fees, and provide proof of identity and residency, regardless of their citizenship status.

Safe roads and access are environmental issues: Oregon Environmental Council is committed to creating a transportation system in Oregon that is clean, safe and equitable. For safe roads, we need drivers to prove they have basic skills. For clean transportation, we need drivers to participate in solutions including carpooling and choosing electric vehicles. And for an equitable system, we need all Oregonians to have an opportunity to create solutions and participate in that system. It’s time to make Oregon more inclusive and to promote equitable transportation solutions.

What you can do: Last week, a bipartisan group of Oregon legislators introduced HB 2015. It was sponsored by Representatives Hernandez, McLain, and Alonso Leon, along with Senators Manning Jr. and Roblan. OEC stands with Causa and the One Oregon coalition in supporting this bill.

Join the Driver’s Licenses for All campaign coalition today!

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