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Oregon has come a long way since the Willamette River was a dumping ground for raw sewage and industrial waste, but we are facing a new set of water challenges statewide that threaten our health, our economy, and our way of life.

Your voice is critical to achieving our vision for clean and plentiful water. Please add your story to the chorus of Oregonians speaking up for healthy rivers, clean drinking water, and a sustainable economy.

What does clean water mean to you?

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“A recent week where storm overflow took our city water offline in Yamhill County reminded me of how critical and valuable this daily resource we take for granted is.”

“Being able to drink water unfiltered straight from the tap. Being able to swim in all of Oregon’s waterways without concern.”

“It means good health. The ability to have clean water allows us to maintain and sustain healthy communities. Preserving our water resources is not just necessary for human health, but rather universal and global health.”

“Clean water = humanity.”

As Oregonians adjust to the reality of Covid-19, our work to protect Oregon’s environment continues. As pressures to rollback protections increase, this work is just as important as ever. We will not stop. Thank you for staying with us during these challenging times.