October Membership Spotlight – Mark & Susan Gibson

In between camping trips with his family and horses, we were able to connect with Mark Gibson, from Monmouth, Oregon, about his decision several years ago to become a member of Oregon Environmental Council.

When Mark and his wife, Susan, were discussing their annual charitable giving plans back in 2014, they had always been concerned about environmental issues, but they were growing increasingly focused on climate change. With the arrival of grandchildren into their lives, they were convinced that if we as a species weren’t able to slow or stop the increased warming of our planet, we would be handing a horrible legacy to our families.


Mark and Susan ultimately decided to support OEC for a number of reasons including:

  • OEC’s priorities aligned with the issues that were important to them;
  • Mark’s relationship with a past OEC Board Member who was knowledgeable about OEC’s work and enthusiastic for the organization;
  • The staff of OEC was responsive, knowledgeable, and professional; all indicators of a quality organization to which they could be proud of donating; and
  • OEC is Oregon-based, so not only was the cause good, but the contributions they make would also have an impact on the lives of fellow Oregonians.

Mark continued by stating how much he values OEC’s determination. When challenges arose, OEC didn’t back down and didn’t give up. It just went back to the drawing board to determine the best strategy for moving forward and renewed its efforts to foster change. OEC is highly accountable and effective. It is open to input from those who join it, and it increases its effectiveness by collaborating with other environmental organizations.

Mark encourages others to become members of OEC, as this is an interesting time with the effects of COVID-19 reducing resources for the State of Oregon, and limiting what can be done on a personal basis. OEC’s efforts to protect and, where possible, expand past legislative and administrative progress will be crucial to prevent backsliding on critical environmental protections. Please consider becoming a member of OEC and helping us create a healthy environment for generations to come.

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