Scott Stein

As a young professional working in Oregon nearly a decade ago, Scott Stein was drawn to Oregon Environmental Council’s mission to protect the water air and land we all love and share here in Oregon.

Scott’s service made a lasting impact on bringing in more diverse voices and perspectives to Oregon Environmental Council.

As an intern, Scott spearheaded a new and innovative way to engage Oregon’s next generation of leaders by helping establish the Emerging Leaders Board for Oregon Environmental Council.

He saw the Emerging Leaders Board as a way to harness the vast amount of energy and creativity of young professionals while providing a chance for them to engage on a deeper level- beyond what an internship or volunteer opportunity could provide.

“We got to really engage with the work that Oregon Environmental Council was doing on a real level. We created our manifesto, we raised money, and we engaged young people in the work of Oregon Environmental Council—understanding that they have a vital role to play in creating a place that we all want to live in in Oregon, preserving our beautiful and amazing natural wonders.”

Today, more than 50 young professionals have served on the Emerging Leaders Board, bringing fresh and unique perspectives to the table.

Scott is now the Associate Director for Student Entrepreneurship at The George Washington University in Washington DC. His says that his success reflects the valuable management skills he honed with the Emerging Leaders Board, which he served on from 2010-2013. Although he now resides on the East coast, he misses the expansive beauty of Oregon and sacred places that Oregon Environmental Council works to protect.

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