Business & the Environment Speaker Series, Nov. 16

As Oregon works to find innovative solutions to traffic congestion, high housing costs, and increased social inequities, OEC invites our business members to join us at the table this November to learn from others. 

Our 21st season of Business & the Environment Speakers Series opens November 16th and features Tony Pickett, Vice President of Master Site Development at Denver’s Urban Land Conservancy.

REGISTER ONLINE: Tickets are $40 ($30 for OEC individual/business members) and include lunch.

Featuring: Tony Pickett

Tony is an urban real estate professional recognized for his collaborative leadership on innovative redevelopments focused on social equity and healthy communities. As the founding Executive Director of the Atlanta Land Trust Collaborative, Tony led a $4 billion, 22-mile transit and greenway project, including targeting the creation of 5,600 affordable housing units to mitigate potential displacement and gentrification. 

As part of the program, local leaders will spotlight how Oregonians can bring these ideas home as we plan for new transportation and affordable housing projects (e.g., metro Portland’s Southwest Corridor Light Rail). A question and answer session will also give attendees the opportunity to explore these ideas in more detail.

Contact Kevin Kasowski at or 503-222-1963 x120 if you’d like to learn more.

Thanks to our sponsors!

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