Recognizing Human Health & Environmental Health go hand in hand, OEC Member Steven Rotter Knew He Had To Invest In Oregon’s Future

Steven Rotter, from Grants Pass, has been a member of OEC for the past 18 years and has always had a passion for health and a love of the outdoors. He grew up in Wisconsin and went to summer camp in Northern Minnesota where he took canoe trips into the Canadian Boundary waters. Back then, in the 70s, they could still drink the water straight from the lakes and rivers! He has now been a physician in Oregon for over 30 years and continues to explore the great outdoors and deepen his knowledge about the best ways to remain healthy. 

Recognizing that human health and environmental health go hand in hand, it was a natural fit for Steven to become involved with OEC. He and his wife have fond memories of attending OEC events, where guest speakers shared their scientific findings demonstrating the effects of pollution on both humans and wildlife, as well as our environment. As a physician, he has a deep understanding of how toxics can lead to dysfunction within the body’s endocrine system, which in turn can be destructive to one’s health. Steven appreciates that in addition to providing information and outreach to people about the impact toxics have on our health, OEC is actively working to reduce exposure to those toxics. 

When Steven is not practicing medicine, you can often find him hiking or camping in the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness area. In his opinion, if you are a lover of nature, a supporter of the environment, or even a health enthusiast, there is no better Oregon organization worthy of support than OEC. He considers OEC’s mission totally in line with his personal mission. His contribution, which is made each month directly from his bank account, is a portion of his tithing that makes him feel both grateful and joyful.

If you are interested in supporting OEC’s efforts to reduce toxics and create a healthy and resilient environment, please consider joining Steven in becoming an Evergreen member and contributing monthly to OEC. Make the most out of your monthly gift by helping OEC minimize the fees and transaction costs by donating directly through your checking account. You can find the instructions HERE.

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